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LEI 6.5.3 and higher does not function as Windows service on remote workstation

Technote Number: 1199046

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# KBEK69TUBE, and is
under investigation for a fix in the 6.5.x and 7.0.x codestreams.

Description of SPR# KBEK69TUBE:
If EIUseOSMemory=1 is not in the notes.ini file and LEI and Domino are running
on the same machine as services, Domino will crash when LEI starts.

A related issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# SMOS6APPMD and was
fixed in 6.5.5.

Excerpt from the Lotus Notes and Domino Release 6.5.5 MR fix list (available at

SPR# SMOS6APPMD - LEI data management activities, when used together with the
Order metaconnector, can run out of memory and display an "unable to allocate
memory" error. Because LEI uses Domino memory management, the Order
metaconnector will fetch an entire result set into memory, causing memory
problems. Users can configure LEI, DECS or LSXLC to use standard OS memory
calls. A new notes.ini variable EIUseOSMemory=1 or EIUseOSMemory=0eiuseodmemory
will cause all LEI, DECS and LS LSX to use OS memory calls instead of Domino
memory calls.

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

Uninstall LEI as service, and launch the LEI program manually.

The problem is due to LEI using Domino memory by default in LEI 6.5.3 and
higher. This can be remedied by setting LEI to use Operating System memory.

For LEI 6.5.3 or 6.5.4, a hotfix is required in order to support changing this
setting, and notes.ini must include the setting "EIUseOSMemory=1". Users of LEI
6.5.3 or 6.5.4 should contact IBM support to request the hotfix.

For LEI 6.5.5 or higher, and LEI 7.0 and higher, updating notes.ini with
"EIUseOSMemory=1" will correct this issue.
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